sâmbătă, 20 aprilie 2013


War contre atomic terorism, big problem of  International Comunity of the spy 

In a world in which the asymmetric conflict between the forces of good, and we refer to the role security structures and groups isolated from anti-terrorism  fanatical terrorists, who are widely regarded as the forces of evil, are running with the consequence of the killing or wounding of innocent civilians, terrorist cells, nuclear arsenal, it is a reality. A news story last week unnoticed in the international press, could be the starting point for a new specialized structure. Lt. Gen. Alexander Lebed death,  helicopter crash, when a governmental Inquiry Committee coordinate, evading several trunks that were inside the miniature nuclear bombs, warheads, which can be thousands of kilometers away command, has gone as unnoticed.
These suitcases were a military administration, which immediately after their disappearance, was never found despite the efforts of military justice to find out details. The last time he was seen wearing a backpack, in the back, in the company of a Caucasian  mistresses, with whom he spent two days in a hotel next to a railway station, bought two tickets to the sleeper to a faraway destination in Siberia, but the two have never ever gotten to its destination. Have a seal, a pier and a notebook with security codes of the houses where the iron was placed each suitcase. At the reception and waiters, not paid for with rubles as normal but out of the backpack a pile of dollars in the securities of one hundred, the same number as the ruble without requiring the rest. Jewelry store next to the hotel he bought his girlfriend a cross with a thick chain and a pair of diamond earrings, paying with dollars as turnover displayed on each product, instead of rubles, without requiring the rest. The cross and chain were found by the woman service of the hotel the next day, thrown under the radiator, and the woman was handed over to the militia the jewel, to be returned to the woman who had lived in that room. It has never been found, despite its investigations, because property does not have surveillance cameras, and on the other, neither she nor his friend, did not show at the reception any identity document, being registered under fictitious names. The investigation and was classified, although it is assumed that they have gotten much in the hands of leaders of terrorist organizations, recognized for the ingenuity of the attacks. The explosive forces of   suitcases is about twenty five thousand tons of TNT, and destroy   by its immediate effect on a small town or a crowded neigh sourwood in a large urban agglomeration, while the environment could pollute water and radioactive soil for several hundred years. In fact, according to international conventions, these strategic military devices were banned, without officially no such device. The natural question arises: where are these devices now, at what address in hand, and the associations of which the presumption that they will not be used is false, only one variable of the equation being when and where it will be detonated the first load, moment zero entry into a new era, that of nuclear terrorism.
These secrets are well kept and holders, terrorists consider blackmailing of head of State, to pay large sums of money or negotiating the release of prisoners arrested or convicted for acts of international terrorism. As far as the comment in the press, the Government did not have the money to counter nuclear terrorism, and the lives of tens of thousands of peaceful citizens being endangered by the crisis which now affects and the security services of the world's richest countries. As in medicine, it is better to prevent a disease than to treat it, but these things must be understood and lawmakers who oppose   increased defense budgets against atomic terrorism, considered to be the greatest threat in human history. Cave ne cadas!
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