vineri, 30 decembrie 2011

Pacea sau militarismul (en)

World peace and reform of exaggerated militarism
    Following the acts of aggression or violence committed by armed hand along human history, in terms of casualties, damage and social consequences,  that reform is necessary to approach this issue.
    Since ancient times, the genesis of conflict was due to human species-specific traits such as aggression, domination imposed by force, the desire to populate new territory, taking property without just accommodate opponents need to use low paid workforce competition between different families, clans or ethnic groups, leaders consider removing opponents, the imposition of languages, cultures, religions, social organizations and other reasons not covered by this analysis.
    The history of human conflict, the organization begins during early human society, continue during the production of instruments killing increasingly more sophisticated and perfected even now when there are international institutions of mediation theory, security or those judging war criminals.
   Is constant over time, scientific and technical findings that past was used first in the military, so that health costs, improve living conditions, environmental protection, education, culture, remained behind, as will investment in weapons of the increasingly sophisticated, with a capacity of destruction ever higher. Planetary militarism imposed by dangerous political regimes supported by the large corporations of the military-industrial complex, promotes a bellicose current of opinion, the counterfeiting of information on different targets or global objectives, which at first sight seem fair. Expansion shield anti-satellite, dissemination vectors strategic or tactical warheads carrying offensive ultra-power location of aircraft equipped with precision weapons offensively, are threats to planetary security, peace and tranquility of peaceful citizens.
    Award of international prizes for peace, reflects a great deal of subjectivity, because international public opinion can not accept the granting of awards for "peaceful activities" of political leaders who promote war as state policy.
    To restore peace Planetary requires that proposals pacifist organizations are taken into account by the parliaments of the most powerful, by appropriate legislation and applicable in every state. Prohibition of possession of ammunition and weapons by individuals, banning hunting with firearms, ban the production of powders, explosives, ammunition, weapons, guns, tanks, planes, missiles, by any company or corporation, bank lending to ban the production, use, purchase of weapons and military equipment, reduction of arsenals and to a reasonable trial and conviction of commanders who have committed acts of violence or who have endangered the lives of people, reducing equipment and staff supervision agency, the change international law on military and security issues.
     Since these goals advocates international peace and security of the planet, generating a current favorable opinion, widely commented by the leaders of opinion, it is estimated that in the near future trends and bellicose acts be removed and taken outside the law. Military historians say these innovative reforms.
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